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Billing & Coding

Integrity Medical offers Medical & Home Healthcare Billing and Coding.

BillingTake advantage of having an in-house biller without the cost, training and continuing education that employment requires.

Integrity Medical’s staff is comprised of Certified Professional Coders (CPC’s) who are accredited through the American Academy of Professional Coders’ association. Our team provides a degree of accuracy that is as much as 20% above the national average through Gateway Clearinghouse.

Therefore you will:

  • Receive Revenue Faster
  • Reduce Errors
  • Keep Accounts Current & Profitable
  • Eliminate Gaps in Cash Flow Due to Vacations, Illness or Turnover

Integrity Medical is a noted leader within the billing and coding industry, providing expertise tailored to fit your needs. Our services help you solve insurance billing challenges and respond to the rapidly changing environment.

Through our innovative proven techniques, Integrity Medical will partner with you to:

  • Increase Quality of Patient Care & Satisfaction
  • Reduce Compliance & Audit Risk
  • Increase Efficiency & Reduce Paperwork


Contact us to find out how Integrity Medical can help your practice.