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“ Our practice used the services of Integrity Medical Management Solutions in Traverse City, MI as our billing company for three years after we lost our long-time in-house billing specialist. We were without an experienced biller for approximately one year.  Interviewed several candidates, and were very pleased to contract with the medical billing company. We saw an increase in revenue and accurate coding and billing almost immediately after the contract began. The staff at Integrity Medical Management Solutions is friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. Since they take phone calls directly from the patients to answer account questions and take payments, we saw a decrease in our phone volume which helped us to assist our ill patients in a more timely manner. IMMS did assist us with an evaluation and management audit to help our providers more accurately code to the highest level of specificity and be sure our documentation was thorough.  Our providers were at ease knowing that the demands of the insurance companies were being handled within IMMS as our billing department.  The staff became part of our staff, we never felt as if we were two separate businesses. Choosing IMMS is one of the best decisions our practice ever made. Our practice highly recommends IMMS for all revenue management cycle needs.”

- Pierrette (Pete) Palmquist, R.N.
Clinical Supervisor

“ I just want to give a big thank you to Integrity Medical Management Solutions, for working so hard on Bayside Docs Urgent Care AR accounts during the time that we have been closed. Because of them, we have received payment on claims going back as far as Jan 2018 Dates of Service. I just want to acknowledge the work they have done, and for continuing to bring in money to Bayside while we have been in temporary closure due to Covid-19. ”

- Pierrette (Pete) Palmquist, RN, Clinical Facilitator, Bayside Docs Urgent Care

“ I purchased an existing medical office in 2019. The existing practice had in-house billing. With the transition of ownership and the expansion of the practice from a nonsurgical to a surgical practice, the existing billing service became quickly overwhelmed. I transitioned to only utilizing IMMS as my billing management company. I was hesitant at first to outsource my billing, but have found that the IMMS employees are easily accessible via phone and email throughout the day. I have been extremely impressed with their responsiveness to any questions that my patients and my staff have.  IMMS has gone back through my old AR and has found a significant amount of unbilled or improperly billed claims and has helped recoup revenue from services rendered. They submit claims daily and work on claims rejections in a timely fashion. I could not speak more highly of the IMMS team that is helping my practice grow in Northern Michigan. I would recommend them to any medical practice that has a need for these services. ”

- Dr. Jeffrey Weber at Birch Tree Foot and Ankle

“ We started using Integrity Medical as our billing service two years ago. Since then our collection rate has dramatically improved. Our biller, Becky, is conscientious, trustworthy, and extremely detailed in her work. She has become a tremendous asset to our company. Integrity Medical has made a substantial impact in our bottom line. ”

- Shelly Genschaw, Practice Administrator Harborside, Spine & Sports Center

“ I have been in business for over 25 years. I have run all types of of medical businesses and I have used various billing services. Joy goes far above what any of the other individual billing specialist have done for me. I would highly recommend her to other Chiropractic and medical services facilities. In fact, I don’t feel any business can do in-house billing as efficiently and simply as Integrity Medical Management Solutions does for us. ”

- Dr. Tony Aboudib Advanced Chiropractic & Wellness